About Nina

Nina Williams is a professional climber who seeks adventure and inspiration through the great outdoors. By facing her fears on the rock, Nina coaches her clients on how to overcome their own obstacles.



Nina is a professional climber originally based out of Rhode Island. She began her career at the age of 12 in the gym, training with a team and competing on a local and national level. She loved climbing in the woods of New England but eventually moved West in her early twenties.

She spent 7 years in Colorado, focusing on bouldering competitions and expanding her outdoor resume. She continued training in the gym while making numerous visits to Joe’s Valley and Hueco, as well as several trips to Rocklands in South Africa. After achieving her first V13, her attention shifted towards the mental aspects of climbing. She explored the realm of highball bouldering with ascents such as Footprints (V9), Evilution Direct (V11), and Ambrosia (V11) in Bishop, CA. She also began learning the skill-sets for traditional climbing after her first visit to Yosemite, eventually testing herself on the West Face of El Capitan (5.11) and The Final Frontier (5.13b).

She currently resides in Boulder, CO where she seeks a balance between placing gear and placing pads. When she’s not climbing, she enjoys a good cup of coffee and hanging out with her hedgehog, Ms. Frankie Von Quillsbury.